• Essay optional: The mandatory essay introduced in 2005 will be eliminated. Among other things, critics say students couldn't knock out anything of worth within its 25-minute time limit. An optional essay will remain but with a different format.


  • Scoring: The top score will once again be 1,600, instead of the 2,400-mark also established nine years ago.


  • Obscure words: The College Board promises to ditch "flashcard" vocabulary words and focus on those used in, well, the real world. The Post browses an official study guide and picks out “punctilious,” “phlegmatic,” and “occlusion” as potential offenders.


  • No penalties: Students will no longer lose a quarter-point for incorrect multiple-choice answers.
  • Computers: Students will have the option of taking the test on a computer, reports AP.


  • Math: The section will draw questions from fewer areas, ones deemed most relevant to college, such as algebra.


  • Free help: The College Board says it will offer free test-preparation help online, and it took particular aim at the huge tutoring industry that has sprung up around the SAT.

資料來源: http://www.newser.com/story/183334/no-mandatory-essay-sat-overhauling-tests.html

中文版本新聞: SAT大改變!滿分1600 可不考作文 



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