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  Tina is the one who can help “you,” students to achieve your dream of raising your grades. 


背景:已經成為美國大學Purdue University 的學生

參與課程: Tina老師的SAT英文家教班

每次寒暑假春假  回台灣都會回來找Tina老師加強SAT的課程





At the end of my junior year, with my strong anxiety of getting good grades on my SAT test, I came to attend Tina’s class. At first, I thought teacher, Tina is like most of other teachers I met in Princeton, and other cram schools that only teach student strategies and ask them to follow their scales, which will likely to raise the students’ score. To my surprise, she broke the stereotype impression of the SAT teacher in my images.

The experience in University of Pennsylvania for master degree has impressed me in the first class. Do you know that U. Penn is one of the ivy schools, which means it is really hard to get in? Thus, due to her high education, it has brought me a step closer and trusts her teaching. Also, under her enlightenment and experience of applying U. Penn master degree, she shows me that she has the capability of grading our essays in writing part of SAT. The feedbacks that she gave me are similar to the teachers I heard from my report of SAT test, which shows her grading scale is trustworthy.

Tina is an amiable and an active teacher who always smiles in the class by preventing students feeling pressure. Under her body language activities, student, I become easily to memorize those hard and long vocabulary.

In my opinion, I really think Tina is a capable teacher who can teach SAT this field under many of her experiences, never give up of finding the answers, and be willing to help students. By encouraging the students who have the potential to gain higher grades, she will give prizes to stimulate their abilities. With her strong desire of thinking for students, she is the one who can help “you,” students to achieve your dream of raising your grades. 







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